The Asclepion Academy is a state-of-the-art training centre for our customers. Events are held regularly in Jena, where experienced experts explain the theoretical basics and practical applications.






Professional trainings

The “Asclepion ACADEMY” is an initiative of Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH and is named after the “Asklepieion” temple, where young physicians were trained by their experienced colleagues in Ancient Greece. Asclepion continues this tradition and offers the opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in the field of laser medicine.

For over 25 years, regular events have been held, with people from all over the world taking part. Experts use these events to present our high quality technologies. The contributions of colleagues and qualified speakers alike and practical exercises give you the opportunity to find out more about our innovative systems that are designed for use in aesthetic medicine.

Academy at a glance

Asclepion Laser Technologies promotes medical research. Its goal is to bring the benefits of laser technology “Made in Germany” to an ever-increasing number of people. Day after day, Asclepion sets itself the goal of increasing the well-being of patients and guaranteeing the success of medical practices and local partners.


International training courses

To support our customers in using our products, we offer training courses lasting several days in Jena. Besides the standard treatment procedure, special cases are discussed and live treatments give the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. The first training session is included with the purchase of one of our systems. Due to high demand, any additional person or anyone who is not yet a customer has to pay a fee. This amount can be refunded upon purchase. We would be happy to assist you with your hotel planning in Jena. Register now.


Laser safety courses

We regularly offer laser safety courses which instruct you on the physical basics, biological effects and legal regulations of medical lasers. The course meets the requirements of the regulation “Technical Rules for the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance on Artificial Optical Radiation” (TROS laser radiation) on the contents of courses for the training of laser safety officers (incl. examination). In addition to the theory, there is a comprehensive practical element with live treatments. A two-day laser protection course costs 390 €. For our customers, participation is free of charge. Register now!

Juzliet seminare


We offer workshops in various cities throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The events take place with the support of reference physicians from a wide range of specialist fields who, with their many years of experience, provide an insight into medicine and aesthetics. Lectures explain the basics and live treatments give the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. A workshop costs 145 €. For our customers, participation is free of charge. Register now!



With our webinars, we offer customers worldwide numerous training and education opportunities. During presentations on our products, you can learn more about the applications, receive important tips and tricks for treatment, and easily get in touch with our experts digitally to ask questions and discuss. Afterwards, participants have the option of downloading the webinar video or watching it on our YouTube channel. Our webinars are free of charge. Register now!

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Learning is much easier in a relaxed atmosphere, and a special leisure program rounds off the training. At the end, each participant receives detailed documentation and a certificate of attendance. With thousands of satisfied participants, the Asclepion Academy is a unique centre of excellence.


Trainings (English Language)

  • 15.-17. February 2023
  • 09.-11. October 2023
  • 22.-24. November 2023


Laser safety courses (German Language)

  • 10.-11. February 2023 in Tübingen
  • 10. May 2023 ONLINE
  • 13. September 2023 ONLINE
  • 06.-07. October 2023 in Salzburg
  • 01.-02. December 2023 in Munich

Juzliet seminare

Workshops (German Language)

  • LASER 27./28. March 2023 in Jena
  • LASER 29. March 2023 in Hamburg
  • LASER 26. April 2023 in Baden-Baden
  • JULIET 29. April 2023 in Neuss
  • JULIET 24. May 2023 in Munich
  • JULIET 02. June 2023 in Groß-Gerau
  • JULIET 27. September 2023 in Munich
  • JULIET 13. October 2023 in Groß-Gerau
  • LASER 1. November 2023 in Hamburg
  • JULIET 11. November 2023 in Neuss
  • LASER 29. November 2023 in Baden-Baden


Webinars (different Languages)

Asclepion offers regularly webinars on different topics and in different languages. Subscribe to our newsletter to always receive the latest dates with link for registration.

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