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Asclepion has been operating in the aesthetic laser medicine sector since 1977. The constant development of new technologies has made it a leader in the optical industry.






We are Asclepion Laser Technologies

Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader on the international medical laser market since 1977. Its ongoing success, thanks to the constant development of new techniques, have made Asclepion one of the most qualified companies in the entire optics industry worldwide. The TOP 100 award for the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany stands testament to this claim. Today, customers in more than 70 countries 

trust in the Made in Germany technology of Asclepion and its proven scientific expertise. Asclepion has achieved this goal by working on all fronts and by pinpointing an innovative offer system for ensuring the success of its distributors and physicians. The service leadership that Asclepion has built up over the years, true to its own mission statement, ensures the creation of positive effects for all of the company’s customers, partners and patients.

Our mission

Asclepion Laser Technologies promotes medical research in order to make the benefits of ‘Made in Germany’ laser technology accessible to an increasing number of people. Every day, Asclepion sets itself the goal of generating positive effects for the well-being of patients as well as the success of medical practices and its local partners.

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Asclepion's medical advisory board contributes significantly to the success of all product developments. It works daily in the field of medical and technical research in close cooperation with customers, patients and experts.


In 1960, the American physicist Theodore Maiman introduced the laser. It was first used for dermatological treatment in 1964 – and has been successful since, removing tattoos, hair, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. But lasers have also become indispensable for the effective treatment of medical conditions such as certain types of haemangioma,

an area of application where they cannot be replaced by any other form of therapy. Asclepion has specialised in aesthetic medicine and surgery since its founding and is a leader in the international medical laser technology market with its in-house products, including diode, Er:YAG, Nano, Pico, CO2, holmium and thulium lasers.

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We are constantly improving our products to offer particularly intuitive and effective treatments for doctors and patients.

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We expand our product range with special accessories such as the Romeo and Juliet laser treatments, to offer more applications to our customers.

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There are numerous attachments and spacers for our handpieces to guarantee optimal use for every treatment and patient.

What is a laser?

Explained in practical terms: a laser is a source of light which is highly collimated into a beam with a high energy density. This beam consists of light with a certain wavelength (monochromasia). The emitted light has a single spectral colour, ranging from ultraviolet to infrared, depending on the laser. This is in sharp contrast to sunlight, which consists of all spectral colours and covers the entire wavelength spectrum. By the way: the word laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

How does laser treatment affect the skin?

Laser light is extremely easy to focus and it is possible to achieve a very high intensity. Depending on the wavelength, only special components of the skin absorb the laser light (selective photothermolysis). The heat generated destroys haemoglobin, melanin or vaporises tissue fluid.

Which lasers are used for aesthetic medical applications?

The suitability of lasers for particular applications depends on its skin penetration depth and the absorption level of the target structure. Laser light is generated when energy is stored in an active medium and then released in the form of a light beam. Depending on the active medium, lasers are referred to as solid-state lasers, gas lasers, diode lasers or dye lasers. Asclepion Laser Technologies uses three of four laser technologies, providing a wide range of treatment options: Gas lasers: CO2 / Solid-state lasers: HOPSL, Ruby, Nd:YAG and Erbium (Er:YAG) / Diode lasers with low and very high output power


As a high-tech company, we consider it our duty to meet the highest standards in quality management. The company is certified according to ISO 13485 and meets the requirements of the European medical device directive 93/42/EEC, Appendix II. The ISO norm essentially requires the consistent orientation of the organisation to the core processes, both inside and outside the company. These include, for example, innovation processes, all manufacturing procedures from procurement management through to

delivery, as well as all after-sales activities. The organisational streamlining of the entire company and the swift reaction to customer requirements are the main goals. In addition, the external relationships of the company were optimised and oriented closely to specific customer groups. The successful implementation of these requirements is periodically verified by numerous national and international authorities, such as TÜV, FDA and Anvisa.

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Successful with Asclepion

Are you looking for the nearest medical practice with our products or do you want to test our high-quality systems for gentle and safe procedures in medicine and aesthetics worldwide? Then you can find our clinical reference centres and worldwide distributors here.