Asclepion Laser Technologies offers a variety of financing options in order to promote laser technology around the world. We create individual offers for our clients in order to make their entry into the laser market as easy as possible. Our customer service representatives possess all the knowledge needed to find solutions that are perfectly tailored to practical considerations, the laser systems themselves and their use.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we work directly with leading partners and have access to the entire range of modern financial products, including leasing, loans, hire-purchase, financing by a bank or payment by instalments. Flexibility is our strength. We always have the ideal option that takes into consideration both tax savings and liquidity aspects. Custom financing creates a clear basis for planning whilst conserving credit facility and offering individual amortisation options. It is easy and quick to complete.

We work closely with our distributors to establish the most sensible models in cost-efficiency terms and to provide our customers with the best conditions at all times.