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Asclepion is a pioneer in laser medicine. Its products enable a wide range of aesthetic and medical treatments. The company not only sets standards, it pushes the boundaries of what is possible. 

Always on the cutting edge, clinically proven and financially viable. Choose the treatment you want and find the right product.

Hair removal

Skin ablation

Skin rejuvenation

Acne treatment

Scar treatment

Vascular treatment

Tattoo removal

Pigment removal

Intravaginal therapy

Snoring therapy

Endovenous therapy

Laser lipolysis

Nail treatment

Body shaping

Asclepion MeDioStar


Asclepion Dermablate


Asclepion Romeo Handstück


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QuadroStar PRO

Asclepion VascuStar

VascuStar DYE

Asclepion PicoStar



Asclepion BodyLab


Asclepion EpiLab


Beauty & Surgery

Asclepion specialises in laser medicine. In addition to aesthetic applications, there are numerous treatment options in the beauty and surgery sectors. These markets have their own requirements.

In order to provide an individual approach, the brands Esthelogue and JenaSurgical were born. They focus on the individual needs of the customers.

Esthelogue is a leader in the sale of cosmetic products to professional beauty institutes, with the ambitious goal of opening the door to a new form of beauty: an aesthetic, moderate, conscious, sustainable, harmonious, elegant and natural beauty.
JenaSurgical designs and sells microscope-assisted laser devices for general surgery and precision microsurgery. It creates the latest generation workstations used in gynaecology, urology, oncology and otolaryngology for surgical teams around the world.