New laser system Dermablate®

21. October 2022

Asclepion Laser Technologies presents the new laser system Dermablate®

Introduction of the new Er:YAG laser generation Dermablate® – State-of-the-art erbium laser for aesthetic medicine – Highest precision ablation and fractional therapy – Extensive choice of handpieces for endless treatment options – Plug & Play technology and handpiece port for quick handpiece change – Ideally suited for skin rejuvenation, scar treatment and more – Dermablate®’s modern design and innovative technology complete Asclepion’s broad product portfolio.

JENA, Germany, September 1, 2021Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader in the aesthetic laser medicine market for over 40 years. Constant new developments make Asclepion a standout in the optical industry. Today, the company announces the launch of its new Dermablate® erbium laser system. Asclepion set new standards in 1995 with the 1st generation of erbium laser technology, which have been further enhanced with continuous improvements as well as latest developments such as the innovative handpieces. All this makes Asclepion’s Erbium laser range the gold standard in dermatology to this day. The latest generation, the Dermablate®, offers numerous advantages for users and patients.

State-of-the-art erbium laser for aesthetic medicine

The new Dermablate® is the most powerful and flexible Er:YAG laser for highly precise skin ablation and fractional therapy. Thanks to its wide range of handpieces, the modern

system covers all relevant applications in dermatology such as ablation, scar treatment, skin rejuvenation and soft tissue cutting. Like its predecessor, the MCL31 Dermablate, this device is also equipped with the SteriSpot® and the ROMEO® handpiece to treat intravaginal discomfort as well as snoring.

The new Dermablate® stands out with its innovative design and revolutionary technologies. From the power supply to the handpieces, display and foot control, the system has been completely redesigned and developed to meet user needs. Innovations such as the Plug & Play technology for quick handpiece change, the maximum pulse duration of 1500 µs for the fastest possible applications and the adjustable pulse length for individualizing each treatment raise the new Dermablate® to a new level.

Plug & Play Handpieces

The Dermablate® offers a wide range of handpieces for various treatment options. A total of 6 handpieces are available. They have been completely newly developed and equipped with the latest technology. Specially developed optics and connections for integrated smoke evacuation make the handpieces indispensable tools for daily work. The handpieces are thin and light, made of stainless steel and sterilizable. The Fineliner (1.5 mm Ø) VarioSpot (1-6 mm Ø) and MicroSpot (13 x 13 mm2) handpieces enable uncomplicated ablation in a wide range of dermatological applications. In addition, the Dermablate® can be equipped with the SteriSpot® handpiece (9 x 9 mm2) for intravaginal treatment and with the ROMEO® handpiece (5 x 5 mm2) against snoring. The CUT handpiece (0.5 mm Ø) enables cutting of soft tissue in a wide range of disciplines. Thanks to its wide variety of handpieces, the Dermablate® is considered the most flexible workstation in aesthetic laser medicine.

Optimal workflow: smoke extraction & handpiece port

The Dermablate® is equipped with an integrated smoke extraction system – for absolutely efficient treatments. The extraction in the immediate vicinity of the treatment area simplifies the workflow considerably. Setting the smoke evacuation using the rotating ring above the display also makes handling particularly easy and uncomplicated for the user. The integrated fume extraction is also particularly quiet thanks to activation by foot switch and the double hose system.

The handpiece port of the new Dermablate® facilitates the handpiece change and thus the workflow. Tubes can be connected directly to the mutifunctional handpiece port. All handpieces are automatically recognized. This ensures a fast and easy workflow for the user in everyday practice. 

10.1 inch LCD touch screen

The Dermablate® has a 10.1 inch LCD touchscreen with an intuitive user interface and is suitable for both beginners and experts: The user can choose between the menu for direct parameter input and indication list. Beginners select the desired treatment and the device provides the correct settings. Experts go straight to the work menu and set the parameters themselves. It also impresses with its large buttons and icons for extra clear visualization and black background for better contrast and clearer highlighting of active elements by changing their size and color.

Easy to move & wireless foot control

The Dermablate® is designed with large, ergonomic casters that allow for resistance-free movement of the device through the treatment room. The optional Bluetooth foot control also ensures convenient and practical treatment. It communicates wirelessly with the system directly via Bluetooth and further simplifies the use of the device. After use, the foot control can be stored at the back of the Dermablate®.

About Asclepion

Since 1977, Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader in international medical laser technology. Asclepion owes its success to the constant development of new techniques. This has made it an outstanding company in the optical industry. The award as TOP100 of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany is the proof. Today, more than 70 countries trust in Asclepion’s “Made in Germany” technology and experience. Asclepion has achieved this outstanding position in the market by creating a unique quotation system that ensures the success of distributors and doctors. The leadership in service that Asclepion has built over the years brings many positive effects – both for its customers, partners and for patients.

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