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Our history is characterised by innovation. As a German medical device manufacturer with extensive laser know-how, we develop products of the highest quality.






History and products

Asclepion’s unique success story began with its founding in 1977. Our products have been improving people’s appearance since the beginning. Whether medically indicated or subjectively experienced, the ultimate goal is to be healthier and more beautiful, to feel better and to experience more

joy in life. Through the development of new technologies and constant product improvements, Asclepion has exceptional scientific and technological experience, which is reflected in a wide range of products.

Year 1977

Foundation as Meditec
Reinhardt-Thyzel GmbH

Asclepion has its origins in Meditec Reinhardt Thyzel GmbH, which was founded in Heroldsberg in 1977. The establishment of its own direct sales organisation in Germany was completed in 1985.

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in the years 1980-1990

First argon lasers
are developed

In the 1980s, argon lasers were first used in ophthalmology for coagulation of the retina and later in dermatology for the treatment of vascular lesions.

Year 1988

Takeover by Aesculap-
Meditec GmbH

In 1988, Meditec Reinhardt Thyzel GmbH was taken over by Aesculap AG, Tuttlingen and renamed Aesculap-Meditec GmbH.

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in the years 1990-2000

New types of lasers were developed

In the 1990s, numerous new technologies were introduced to the market, including the successful Erbium:YAG laser MCL29 Dermablate, diode laser MeDioStar HC, copper bromide laser ProYellow+ and ruby laser RubyStar.

Year 1995

Joint venture with Jenoptik

The business operations of Aesculap-Meditec GmbH, together with certain laser activities of the Jenoptik Group, were transferred to a new joint venture in 1995, which moved its headquarters to Jena in 1996.

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in year 2000

Initial public offering as
Asclepion-Meditec AG

In order to fully exploit its growth potential, Aesculap-Meditec GmbH decided to seek an IPO. The name Asclepion was born when the company went public in 2000.

in the years 2000-2010

Proven products were further developed

From 2000, proven and successful products were further developed in the form of the Erbium:YAG laser MCL30 Dermablate, diode laser MeDioStar XT, KTP laser QuadroStar and ruby laser TattooStar.

Year 2003

Asclepion Laser Technologies, the new milestone

In 2003, the Florence-based laser group El.En. acquired the Aesthetics, Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry business unit and established the name Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH. The Carl Zeiss company focused on the ophthalmology division. A new era begins.

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in year 2008

New company headquarters
to be built

Due to the continuous growth of Asclepion and just a few years after the takeover by El.En. Group, the management decided to build a new company headquarters. In 2008 the opening took place in the industrial park Jena-Lobeda.

in the years 2010-2020

New technologies revolutionise
the market

Since 2011, the MeDioStar has been conquering the hair removal market. The MeDioStar NeXT was launched in 2011 and since 2018 the MeDioStar Monolith has been revolutionising the world. In the medical field, the MCL31 Dermablate has opened up new segments such as aesthetics (thanks to MicroSpot), gynaecology (thanks to Juliet) and ENT (thanks to Romeo). In 2019, Asclepion presented the most powerful pico-laser in the world: the PicoStar.

Year 2019

Extension building in
Jena completed

The success of the company led to the need for an expansion of the company headquarters. The extension building was inaugurated on the historic date of 9/9/2019 and includes a service area with workshop, a state-of-the-art training centre, offices, a cafeteria with rooftop terrace and a fitness area.

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since 2020

New technologies have revolutionised the market

2021, Asclepion has once again expanded its product portfolio. With the Q-Switched laser family NanoStar, the FMS technology in BodyLab, the dye laser VascuStar DYE and the new Erbium:YAG laser Dermablate, Asclepion begins a new decade of aesthetic medicine.

Our history in numbers

Asclepion has always evolved throughout its long history. The company deploys the most advanced technologies for its products, which are continuously optimised, improved and applied in new markets. This makes it an innovative company and a leader in aesthetic laser medicine. Only the products for aesthetic laser medicine are listed on this page. Information about our surgical systems can be found on the website www.jenasurgical.com.

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