The highest standard

The AlexStar® DUO – premium hair removal at highest standards in a timeless design.

Best workflow

For ideal use: 100 % fast remote service, two handpiece port system & interactive interface.


More power, higher quality, more satisfied customers: The Powerline handpieces guarantee ideal treatment results in every area and for all skin types.

AlexStar DUO






AlexStar® DUO
Premium hair removal

Two wavelengths – one target. The AlexStar® DUO combines the wavelengths 760 nm and 1060 nm
for optimal results. Fast, precise, powerful.
Available from Q3 2023 in the Middle East

PowerLine handpieces

The new PowerLine handpieces have “Power” in their name for a reason: Maximum power and efficiency combined in an ergonomic design with easy handling. The handpieces set new standards in aesthetic laser medicine and ensure the best treatment results.

Two-handpiece port system

With the AlexStar® DUO you have the option of using several handpieces on just one unit. The practical two-handpiece port system enables an efficient workflow – optimise your treatment options by connecting two handpieces at the same time and swapping them back and forth without waiting.

Highly efficient 360° skin cooling

The 360° skin contact cooling makes every treatment a pleasant experience for your patients. The skin is maximally protected from the heat of the laser beams.

Asclepion MeDioStar

10.1" LCD touch screen

The AlexStar® DUO offers a modern user interface for the best workflow with its ultra-sharp LCD touch screen. The touchscreen is maximally responsive and enables intuitive use for every user.

Practical & modern trolley

More storage space, free hands, more capacity for treatment. With its aesthetic trolley design, the AlexStar® DUO is a pioneer among laser systems. It offers enough space for your accessories in two storage compartments and appears in the elegant design of a practical table system..

Sapphire glass protector

The AlexStar® DUO scores with a super-homogeneous laser spot. It is protected by high-quality sapphire glass, which extends the familiar Made-in-Germany technology by one step.

The new definition of
top quality – AlexStar® DUO

The AlexStar® DUO is one of the most powerful diode lasers on the market. It’s the mix that does it: The highest power with the shortest pulses offers highly efficient treatment options with maximum comfort for your patients.





Simple operation due to
a modern interface

The new, user-friendly interface guides you through the menu of the AlexStar® DUO by means of clearly understandable symbols. A responsive touch operation and a clear, uncluttered design present the new interface of the AlexStar® DUO in a modern light.s.

002 blau

1. Area

Face and Body

1. Area

Face and Body
006 blau

2. Skin type

Selection I to IV

2. Skin type

Selection I to IV
007 blau

3. Hair density

Low I Medium I High

3. Hair density

Low I Medium I High
012 blau

4. Hair thickness

Thin I Medium I Thick

4. Hair thickness

Thin I Medium I Thick

Step by step selection for the perfect result

100% fast service

Something is not running smoothly? With the AlexStar® DUO you can easily and quickly make use of our remote maintenance service. Via an online connection, we guarantee regular updates and excellent service according to your needs.

ALEXSTAR DUO Monitor Alpha

Better, faster service

A whole new dimension of service is guaranteed by online remote maintenance. This allows us to quickly analyse problems and eliminate errors.

Precisely, verifiable data

The online counters show each pulse and the laser time on the workscreen, which helps you with billing, maintenance intervals and gives you the best overview.

Software Updates

Any improvement or bug fix is quickly and efficiently installed on your system. So your device is always up to date.


Premium hair removal with the AlexStar® DUO – with the new PowerLine handpieces and two different wavelengths, the diode laser treats hair in all areas in the shortest possible time.

hair w2

Hair removal

New AlexStar® DUO Design

The AlexStar® DUO appears in a simple, elegant design. The high-power diode laser from Asclepion is timeless and yet fully in line with the trend.

PowerLine – best performance for you

The “PowerLine” handpiece series offers you the best in every single way imaginable: from the basic technology to the ergonomic design, no wishes are left unfulfilled. Different modes, automatic cooling and much more make the PowerLine what it is: an extremely powerful handpiece series for optimal results in every treatment.

cm² Spot

Degree skin cooling

Shockwatch Sensor


PowerLine Handpieces

The PowerLine handpieces reflect what the AlexStar® DUO stands for: quality, efficiency and maximum power. With a spot size of 3 cm² and a maximum output of 5000 watts, they make the AlexStar® DUO a high-performance product of its time.

PowerLine /ALX

With the PowerLine ALX handpiece you can treat large and small areas, all skin types and skin colours in a short time.

  • 3.0 cm² spot size for efficient work
  • 360° cooling system for less skin irritation
  • 5,000 watt power
  • 760 nm
Powerline YAG new
Powerline YAG new

PowerLine /YAG

The best choice for fast treatment of dark skin types is the PowerLine YAG with 3 cm² spot size and max. 4,000 Watt power.

  • 3.0 cm² spot size for efficient work
  • 360° cooling system for less skin irritation
  • 4,000 watt power
  • 1060 nm

PowerLine /L

The best choice for quick treatment of fine hair is the PowerLine L with 3 cm² spot size and max. 5,000 Watt power.

  • 3.0 cm² spot size for efficient work
  • 360° cooling system for less skin irritation
  • 5,000 watt power
  • 810 / 940 nm
Powerline L new

Why PowerLine?

The new PowerLine handpieces appear in a futuristic, elegant design. Formed from a single mould, they reflect the highest precision and effectiveness. With their low weight and ergonomic design, they are easy to hold and at the same time highly stable during use.

Powerline 03
Powerline 01
Powerline 04
Powerline 02

Discover more
Monolith Handstücke

The AlexStar® DUO comes with two other handpieces from Asclepion’s famous
Monolith range: Monolith ALX and Monolith YAG.

MONOLITH ALX 2023 new 2

Monolith /ALX

The ALX handpiece combines the alexandrite wavelength and the latest diode technology. The effectiveness of the high melanin absorption of alexandrite with all the advantages of the diode.

  • 1.0 cm² spot size for efficient work
  • 360° cooling system for less skin irritation
  • 1,250 watt power
  • 760 nm

Monolith /YAG

With a spot size of 1 cm² and a maximum power of 1,000 watts, the Monolith YAG is the simple and affordable entry into professional hair removal.

  • 1.0 cm² spot size for highest accuracy
  • 360° cooling system for less skin irritation
  • 1,000 watt power
  • 1060 nm
MONOLITH HS 2023 new 1