Restore luminosity, youth and tightness of your skin

Over the course of time, the skin loses its elasticity and strength, and wrinkles develop. Apart from genetic disposition and hormones, this process is also influenced by environmental factors, such as UV radiation or nicotine. The net-like branched collagen fibers of the corium are damaged and partly lose their reproduction capability. The desire to restore luminosity, youth and tightness to the skin is on the rise everywhere, increasing in practically every part of the world. There has been significant interest in non-invasive methods to effectively improve skin texture without patient downtime.

Non-invasive method to effectively improve skin texture

The High Power Diode Laser is able to achieve these results, thanks to a light procedure that allows thermal dermal damage to be controlled, which leads to subsequent collagen remodeling while preserving the epidermis. The treatment improves skin damage leading to a regeneration of the skin structure (skin tightening, reduction in pore size), brightening of pigmentation and reduction in small wrinkles. The process requires three treatments one month apart.

Why do wrinkles occur?

With the passing of the years, the skin of the face tends to relax and become thinner. This is mainly due to the loss of collagen, dehydration, and other secondary factors such as smoking, stress, excessive exposure to the sun, poor diet and atmospheric pollution.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful and is well-tolerated by the patient.

How is the skin renewed?

The heat destroys the fibroblasts and stimulates the formation of new collagen. These new collagen fibers make the skin look younger and tighter.

How does the patient look following treatment?

The treatment results in a slight reddening (erythema) of the area treated. This effect resolves itself within 30 minutes. In some cases, the treatment can lead to hematoma, petechiae or minor skin irritations.

How many treatments are needed?

To achieve an optimal result, at least 3 treatments should be carried out, in addition to a refreshing treatment every year after the first course.

How long does a course of treatment take?

As no collagen is introduced externally, but rather the body is stimulated to rebuild it, the patient must be patient. Full results can be seen after three to five months.

Asclepion Laser Technologies is working closely with physicians, clinics and universities to improve technologies to assess their effectiveness and safety as well as to improve its application. In clinical studies, scientific questions are answered in a controlled environment. This ensures the best possible results for both the users and patients.

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