Latest diode technology in a Table-Top design

Infrared laser light is perfectly suited to endovascular treatments. Thanks to its ease of absorption in hemoglobin, it is possible to treat small blood vessels quickly, effectively and gently. The new diode technology achieves a very high power (up to 30 Watt) and guarantees the highest reliability in a tabletop format and with no running costs.

New display

The clear and sharp display with touch-sensitive buttons and a user-friendly interface allows an intuitive and pleasant working environment for an optimum treatment procedure. The five treatment modes (Basic, Expert, Burst, Varix, CW) are optimized specifically for the applications.

The QuadroStarPRO940 can be upgraded with the following optional items:


The EndoSet includes an EndoFiber 600 µm with catheter and is used to carry out endovascular laser therapy (EVLT) and in the treatment of varicose veins.

Insertion set

An insertion set complete with guide wire 0.35”, insertion lock 5FR, dilator and angiography needle is available as optional equipment.

Fibers with different diameters

Different fiber sizes are available (300 or 600 µm), depending on the needs of the surgeon.

Fiber Repair Set

Includes all the instruments required to repair the fibers in the event of damage.

Special footswitch “TuneSwitch”

The QuadroStarPRO980 is the first laser to feature a special footswitch that allows the physician to adjust the power without the need to touch the device screen, to ensure an efficient workflow.

Carrying case

A special case with wheels is also available for easily transporting the device from one clinic to another or even for longer trips.

Asclepion Laser Technologies is working closely with physicians, clinics and universities to improve technologies to assess their effectiveness and safety as well as to improve its application. In clinical studies, scientific questions are answered in a controlled environment. This ensures the best possible results for both the users and patients.

the best technology for endovascular treatment

Powerful, versatile and rich in accessories: the QuadroStarPRO940 with infrared 940nm wavelength is minimally invasive in treating varicose veins, guaranteeing effective and cutting edge treatment for venous incompetence.