How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal is a light based treatment which allows the inhibition of the hair regrowth, leading to its progressively permanent reduction. By absorption of the laser light the hair is heated and the cells in the surrounding, which are responsible for hair regrowth, are permanently damaged. Since the hair is sensitive to laser treatment in the anagen phase only and since in human beings the hair cycle is not synchronized (different hair follicles are in different phases), multiple treatments are necessary in order to achieve the result.

Epilation with EpiLab means…

… a fast and comfortable treatment, performable all the year long: suitable for all areas, safe on all skin types – even on slightly tanned skin – and effective on all hair colors, from dark blond to very dark.

The High Power Diode Laser for epilation

The EpiLab integrates the ultimate state – of – the – art technology available on the market for hair removal: a high power diode laser with a unique combination of wavelengths. This and many others unsurpassed features make Epi Lab the most wanted hair removal system on the market.

Trolley optional available

The specially designed trolley permits maximum space optimization, including a storage space for the footswitch and power cord in the back. A stylish additional feature, for those who appreciate maximum comfort.

Why choosing EpiLab

  • Fast, comfortable, painless treatments thanks to the SmoothPulse mode
  • Light, ergonomic handpiece with integrated skin cooling
  • Small, light, portable device
  • User friendly interface
  • No consumables and lowest running costs on the market

The new, lightweight and ergonomic handpieces are setting new standards in aesthetic laser medicine, ensuring maximum stability. The specially developed technology, design and treatment concept featuring a 360° contact skin cooling system as well as exclusively selected materials enables a long service life and absolute safety. There is a suitable solution for every need and numerous possible combinations thanks to the two-handpiece port system. The perfect tools for every user’s day-to-day work:

Handpiece XL

The XL handpiece, which has the largest spot of 10 cm2 and up to 5,000 watts, offers the fastest epilation treatment for large areas such as legs, arms and back.

Handpiece L

The L handpiece, which has a spot size of 3 cm2 and up to 3,400 watts, is the best choice for fast treatment of small and large areas.

Handpiece M

The M handpiece, which has a spot size of 1.5 cm2 and up to 1,700 watts, enables convenient treatment of small areas.

Handpiece S

The S handpiece, which has a spot size of 1 cm2 and up to 1,275 watts, is a simple and affordable starter kit for professional hair removal.

ALX handpiece

The ALX handpiece is bringing the Alexandrite wavelength and the latest diode technology together. The efficacy of the high melanin absorption of the Alexandrite with all the benefits of the diode.

VAS handpiece

The vascular handpiece (VAS) was developed for the treatment of leg veins, hemangiomas and other ectatic vessels. The treatments are non-invasive and, in most cases, there is no need for an anesthetic. The wavelength in the near infrared range reaches even deeper vessels. Vascular treatments use a specially designed handpiece with a long tip (spot of 0.12 cm2) and integrated skin cooling for the optimum treatment of small vessels. The wavelength range includes 940 nm for hemoglobin absorption, which results in a selective and efficient treatment.

PowerLine L and PowerLine YAG

With the PowerLine L and PowerLine YAG handpieces, treatments with shorter pulses are possible due to higher power. In addition, a new wavelength of 1060 nm is introduced. This makes the treatment of dark skin types and the epilation of fine and light hair more efficient. The ergonomic design of the Monolith handpieces has been adapted and the established 360° contact cooling is also used in the latest handpieces. The spot size for both handpieces is 3 cm2.

Asclepion Laser Technologies is working closely with physicians, clinics and universities to improve technologies to assess their effectiveness and safety as well as to improve its application. In clinical studies, scientific questions are answered in a controlled environment. This ensures the best possible results for both the users and patients.

with the latest diode technology

The EpiLab is a unique product specially designed for the aesthetic market. It allows the aesthetic professional to perform a wide range of different non invasive treatments thanks to the combination of avant-garde technologies, in an exclusive design.